Another study session

It is exam time at college.  All the apprehensions of an approaching apocalypse have gone, for it is already upon us. Each student is presented with the crucial task of earning their grade; sit with the books before the exams, study for the exams, go and write the exams and be done with the exams.  Grades do not matter during preparation; they are transcended, if you like, for want of peace of mind and a sense of judgement to know what one writes without afflicting irreparable damage to logic.  Everyone is in the fabled ‘zone’, for they believe that the best of the works are done when the mind is without doubt and is engrossed in the present.  The days are unusually calm and time really slow, when one considers how busy normal days are.

One should also observe that not everyone does well, even by their own standards.  But calm must be maintained, because you may afford to lose battles but not the war.  Well…

Basically, such behaviour shows up because each of us have gone through so many exams that another one hardly makes a difference.  Also that this one exam doesn’t completely decide the grade, a second chance will be given.  No swollen red eyes grieving for under-performance, no getting caught cheating and no dog fights for extra time.  Both the parties, the examiners and the examined are reasonably liberal about the system.  Each party wants it to be removed but has no idea how to fill the void its absence creates.

It comes to me as a surprise how life is just so normal in spite of exams.  Earlier, we were told exams can be life altering.  But, true as it can be, even those exam preparation times gave a lot of time to sit back and observe life in its rich variety.  For instance, I can experience idle weekdays.  I have been getting educated non-stop all my life but there are people around who have seen life differently; life can go on without learning or creating new things, it can mean mere survival, waiting for the day to pass, it can mean embracing normality and giving up one’s dreams to let the loved ones chase theirs.   The world is only a set of processes, each working to its own end.  No individual, by any action, can affect anything at all.


Now, with just the right amount of time left for me to complete the task at hand, I come back to my books to prepare for an important rendition, knowing very well that in the end it does not really matter.  But means can be more enjoyable than ends.  Life is good.


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