Back home, back to work

Hello there!

It is Summer, and the Gulmohars have taken over the institute – in the Gulmohar marg and elsewhere.  The bright sunshine pierces the canopies, fresh with the tender leaves of Spring, and lights up the roads and our spirits.  Then, there are the numerous types of birds merrily chirping, cooing and cawing; and not to forget, their droppings whose volumes may be as diverse as those of pipette tips in the biology labs.

This city is the darling among Indian cities chiefly due to its perennial climate of moderation.  Thanks to the rich variety of life in the campus, changes in weather are obvious though slight.  Mounds of shed leaves of the autumn gave way to carpets of flowers on the roads (bird droppings are permanent, of course).  The clear bright sky of Summer has added to the colour of tender leaves and flowers of every kind, of the healthy brown earth, of sign boards, of people, their clothes, the buildings and on and on.  To fall back on the seasoned description of Spring time, it is riot of colours here.

With it are stimulated our animalities that make us feel alive all over again: hunger (pray to your Gods to make you find mess food tasty), a slight tiresomeness and sweat.  Sweat, dear readers, is my favourite.  Many times, sweat alone is the result of your hard work.  In this city, even that is rare.

Students are here from everywhere for summer term making up for the emptiness of vacation.  Let us wish them good luck, and let us – in that spirit – roll our sleeves up to get back to work, more intensely this time.

For now, I have got a new water bottle, a bunch of pencils and a new pair of sandals.  I am going on a ride early in the morning on my little red bicycle.  Great times ahead!


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