Because Science!

If you are reading this, you will relate to it when I say that the internet has made the world flat (and the grammar of the title acceptable). This in deed is the information age. There is an explosion of information, useful and otherwise, and the world’s computers are racing to keep up with the surge. As this is available to all more or less free of cost, the barriers of scholarship, money and power have crumbled. Today, one needs to know where to look; almost every known solution to every problem is available. Learning has leaped out of the four walls of classroom.

Why don’t you learn some science, then?

Everybody is dazzled by the magnificent triumphs of science; they are all convinced that ‘science works!’ Now they can, with ease, take a step forward: get educated in the nitty-gritty of anything that fascinates them. It will help to look at the world in a new perspective. Who knows, you may even contribute something substantial!

Popular science books are a great beginning, and science writers everywhere are doing an impressive job trying to explain stuff in layperson’s language.

Supplement with a healthy dose of videos on YouTube on STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) fields. Here are a few channels, to start with:

…and on and on. The best part of these videos is how little knowledge of science they assume from the viewer. There is, finally, this blog which puts up an occasional post on science, though not so periodic as the ones above.

Here is a beautiful illustration by Zen Pencils to initiate your learning.



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