WLOG: Jan 31 – Feb 6, 2021

Outrageous News Links

‘Their goal is to destroy everyone’: Uighur camp detainees allege systematic rape | BBC News Testimonies from ex-detainees and ex-workers in the camps.

Women wearing long dresses and growing long hair are crimes. Detainees are denied food if they fail to memorise propaganda passages. Those who failed tests are forced to wear clothes that are colour-coded to show how many mistakes they made, so that they can be punished to different levels.

“Four kinds of electric shock – the chair, the glove, the helmet, and anal rape with a stick”.

Cricket News Links

Three tests running in parallel in the sub-continent. West Indies pulled off a miracle of a test win against Bangladesh.

Science Links

Alex the grey parrot | Wikipedia. Featured in this week’s Fermat’s Library.

Alex, whose name is an acronym for avian language experiment, was bought at a pet store by the researcher Irene Pepperberg. His accomplishments include counting to six, having a vocabulary of 100 words, responding to irritation by defusing it, displaying anger and surprise to an unexpected outcome, understanding the concept of “zero” or nothing, and asking questions — all cognitively advanced skills. There’s some debate about the extent of his skills, for the claims of Alex’s abilities are not peer-reviewed. Still, a fascinating character. Alex lived to 31 (1976-2007). His last words (“You be good, I love you. See you tomorrow.”) were the same words that he would say every night when Pepperberg left the lab.

Astronomy Picture of the Day Feb 1 2021 – Lunar Halo over Snowy Trees and Rabbit Tracks

Music Links

Nee Nenaindal – Shankar Tucker ft. Vidya Vox & Vandana Iyer
Another Day of Sun – La La Land Opening Scene (shared for the video)
Immigrant Song – Led Zeppelin

Video Links

The documentary film ‘How to Start a Revolution‘, featuring Gene Sharp, academic and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, whose book ‘From Dictatorship to Democracy’ and the ‘198 methods’ therein became the manual for non-violent protests around the world. I think we should all be aware of this.

Available on Kanopy and YouTube

Twitter Thread Links

Plug for India Wants to Know! A wonderful and warm bunch who can fulfil your trivia needs.

More links next Sunday!

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