WLOG: Feb 14 — Feb 21, 2021

Travel Links

Jarrod Kimber goes backpacking around the world while the 2003 World Cup is going on | Spotify and other podcast places

Here’s a combo of two super-hit genres of storytelling.

Where were you and what were you doing when X happened? Every answer makes for a fascinating story. Where the teller elevates and diminishes the event or parts thereof tells as much about the event itself as the teller.

A travelogue, which covers all the bases: unexpected encounters, throwing caution to the wind that is a symptom of youth as well as a necessity for backpacking, glimpses of life at the time of writing, self-knowledge received from total strangers, and the journey itself, which you will probably never undertake but are happily co-opted into.

Cricket Links

A Conversation on ESPNCricInfo’s Control Percentage | Spotify and other podcast places

A fascinating conversation about a fairly new cricket statistic and broadly about how we use data to tell stories about the game. KD, the host and a data maven in his own right, has rather contrarian views on cricket is reported and talked about. If I could summarise, his view is that our stories are more about what’s around the game – the romance, the mental projections, and “character” – and less about the game itself – the structure of the game, role of chance, and technique. And there is plenty of material to work with to develop this cricketingview.

I love it when KD goes into demolition mode and puts to rest the emotional roller coaster that we tend to associate with the game. Here, he takes the tropes of big-match players, performing when it matters, etc to the cleaners. Fun. The Episode that Really Matters | 81 All Out

Music Links

Jessica | The Allman Brothers Band. The rare music video where the live performance is as good as the studio version. (In my noob opinion, of course)

The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down | The Band
Despite its charged subject matter, the song is rock-and-roll canon, listed as one of the best of all time by Time Magazine and Rolling Stone.
Why Some Hear ‘The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down’ As A Neo-Confederate Anthem | On the Media, WNYC Studios

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