What’s New? or About

Hi!  Welcome to Aravind’s blog. This is NOT a science blog.

What this blog is about will be occasionally thought about and written here.  Major updates on the style and content are here, starting from the latest:

August 2016

The Weekly Dispatch didn’t work, but I’ve of late got a bit active on Twitter. My handle is @iamaravindrao

I’ve entered my Masters Programme in IISc today! So I wrote a post. Hope you like it.

January 2016

I started Weekly Dispatch – x, a review of some interesting stories, books, and videos I read or saw of late.

Mid 2015

After I changed the blog’s name, I thought I must quickly write a page explaining the massive re-organisation of thought to my sincere readers who’re too nice to comment on anything that gets published.

In a phrase, it is about getting real and honest about what I want to write. It is also not what I want to write in the heart of my hearts or in inspiring dreams; it is what I can write about the most without boring myself out. Turns out there is a lot. A short visit to bathroom revealed the expanse of the un-trodden territory.

We are Seema-people with simple tastes in life. ‘Purvasulu’ describes us better. Puram-people. For the confused, Puram is the short for our home-town in Seema, which is the short for the region that takes great pride in its rich history. In truth, Seema, like any place in the world, is astonishingly diverse and is brimming with life and activity. I am a puram-guy at heart.

Next, about this blog. Who doesn’t like a good conversation, be it on day-to-day matters, sport or on our secret passions? Though verbal conversations are engaging, even essential, writing uncovers a new vistas where my wishes and hopes feel at home.

So much for the motivation. Now, that is some motivation for creative writing. There is another form of writing I am a great fan of: story-telling. Everyone likes a nicely told story. As the saying goes, you are not the same person you were after listening to a story. Stories set our human species apart from other animals. We weave stories all the time, stories about nations, events, people and ourselves! And how many stories there are in the world! Fine journalism is about telling good stories, complete with facts and context.

The next time I feel that I haven’t had a good conversation, I will not forget that I can unwind myself by writing here. Thanks for stopping by.

November, 2014

I wrote my first Cricket post. It had to be about Tendulkar, though I had no prior plans. Also my quickest post ever. The hunt for the facts made me rediscover my greatest fancy. It is great if I kept a log of all major happenings currently. Sure I am going to. Hope you like the post.

October, 2014

Starting this month, you will also see an occasional post on science. Science is a breathtakingly diverse field and my attempt here is to share my enthusiasm for new findings, methods of inquiry and its translation to layman’s terms which is not always simple or accurate.  An amazing episode from the history of science, (as we know it – western science) circa eighteenth century has it that normal people, who had time and who shared an affinity for the unknown, did the important stuff in science. Sadly for us, science has become so much branched out into disciplines and reached so deep into the details that experts in one field are as clueless about the exciting things in another field as the layperson.

We are at a loss if we cannot get hold of the principles that govern every walk of life, including our understanding of it. Remember that every useful thing has some serious science, and a fascinating story behind it.

Long time ago

Many years ago, I signed up for a blog, gave it a title and started posting, on a regular basis, on many unrelated topics – some borrowed opinions, some out of anger at the obsolete systems at work, some out of unadulterated ecstasy after watching a never-say-die Test Match innings or listening to soulful music.  All of this in simple and error-free English, something to be proud of at fifteen.

The blog didn’t quite go well.  It looked gawky even to the author after a few days.  No, language must be improved, content must be researched more, readers should have reasons to come and read my blog, and on and on…  Result: Scrap Project alpha.

Project beta was wittier and better but it too died prematurely.

These days it has become a need – to be read, to be known.  It is good, in many ways: to do my favourite job, to reach out to people, and most pleasingly, to produce stuff.  So, the blog must run, this time uninterrupted.

What would I call it?  What does it stand for?  ‘Blog Rage’ was a start – to tell the world how annoyed I am in the spirit of rage comics sans the gory drawings.  The annoyance may still appear, together with Let’s-all-be-happy and Let’s-resolve-the-big-debates kind of posts.

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